THE BEST GRIP? Which Yoga mat has it?

THE BEST GRIP? Which Yoga mat has it?

After searching for specifically for mats with the most grip-like surface, these 3 high-end mats were repeatedly at the top of the results. I tested all 3.

Liforme vs. Jade vs. Manduka

After searching the internet for Yoga mats with the best grip, and finding Jade Harmony, Manduka Eko and Liforme continually at the top, I put all 3 to the test.

First I decided to try out Jade Harmony, for around $80 on Amazon. It is definitely a quality mat, made out of natural kauchuk rubber. But for a mat claiming to be very grippy, I wasn’t impressed. I found even in a simple down dog, my hands would slide forward.

Then I bought a Manduka Eko mat for about the same price from Manduka direct (back then they weren’t on Amazon). Again, a quality mat made from natural kauchuk fused together with a non-slip surface layer, similar to Liforme. I find Maduka Eko’s grip to be comparable to Jade Harmony and well, expect a little more.

And finally, I reached deep into my pockets and acquired the Liforme Yoga mat, including carrying bag for almost $150.

The surface is undescribably gripping. The upper surface of the mat, printed with geometric aids for correct placement in various asanas, is fused to the natural kauchuk backing. Liforme claims, that this mat, when disposed of, biodegrades in 5 years.

No name mats are mostly produced from PVC and these will basically never biodegrade. The surface is very grippy which does have its disadvantages, like when you want to slide across the mat. In general, things tend more so to stick to this mat than any other mat I’ve tried. A Liforme mat needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth more often than other mats. I think it’s worth it though.

I know, I know, to be perfectly fair, we should buy mats from Jade and Manduka in the same price range and then compare. If any of you have experience with that, I’d really like to hear if there is a super grippy mat from Jade or Manduka.

And now onto the technical details. 

  length width thickness weight
Liforme 72 ¼ inches 26 ¾ inches 0.16 inches 6.2 lbs.
  184 cm 68 cm 4.06 mm  
Manduka 71 inches 24 inches 0.15 inches 5.2 lbs.
  180 cm 61 cm 4 mm  
Jade Harmony 74 inches 23 3/4 inches 0.15 inches 4.4 lbs.
  180 cm 61 cm 4 mm  

Liforme has its standard mat and a travel version, both in grey, blue, green and pink. Carrying bag included with all.

Manduka Eko has over 15 colors available in 71″ and 79″ long and varying thicknesses. 

Jade Harmony has 14 colors available, with lengths 68″, 71″ and 74″. Manuka and Jade have a ton of options when it comes to color and sizes.

All three of these mats have been used for several hours a week over the last 2 years. They show some signs of wear and tear but are good to go for another 10 years. It really is worth the investment. Here’s a suggestion:    buy one pair of high heels less! They’re bad for you anyway.

If your Yoga practice is less intense, maybe more about the relaxation, then the warrior-like grip of Liforme might be overkill for you. Then a good mat is probably all you need. With the money you save, you can buy a fluffy sheep wool mat to top it off, very comfy, and warm in the winter too. 

Asanas are so much more enjoyable if your mat is not working against you. 

That’s why Liforme is my all-time favorite for me and the best mat available. What are your experiences and favorites? I’d love to hear!

ByKim Beinke

I am a certified Yoga teacher with over 500 hours of Yoga training with my certification from the Paracelsus Heilpraktiker Schule in Gießen, Germany. My additional certification from the German Red Cross with 84 Yoga hours of training specializes in Yoga for seniors.

    4 Comments for “THE BEST GRIP? Which Yoga mat has it?”
    1. Hi there Kim
      Great post. You certainly seem to know what you are doing when it comes to doing Yoga. I practice deep breathing every day which requires that I use a mat to sit on. You obviously have researched what the best mats are and I will be having a look at your recommendations through Amazon
      Blog posts like yours helps many enjoy there meditations in comfort

    2. Hello Kim!! Nice post. I practice Surya Namaskar daily since past 10-12 years using but never thought about this aspect of a mat. Your post was quite insightful and informative. Looking forward to your next post :)).

    3. Hi Dave, Hi Nidhi!
      thanks so much for visiting and contributing.
      A good mat can make a world of difference.
      All the best in all your endeavors!

    4. Nice post! I’ve actually had the opposite problem with some of the cheaper mats. They get extremely sticky lol and kinda lost their shape or don’t straighten out properly. I agree though if a person is serious about Yoga the liforme is a no brainer. The geometric aids help a lot too.

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