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Spiritual Journeys take us to our innermost self and to destinies both near and far away.


      Mudras are fascinating The Sanskrit word Mudra can be translated as gesture or attitude Mudras can be divided into 5 groups Hasta or hand mudras Mana or head mudras Kaya or postural mudras Bandha or lock mudras Adhara or perineal mudras Hasta or hand mudras include   Jnana mudra Chin mudra has a
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Nepal this June 2019 This is the Monastery where we’ll be staying. Drigung Kagyud Rinchen Palri Monastery is southwest of Kathmandu, Nepal. I’ll be traveling with 2 other Yoga teachers and a small group from June 9th – June 23rd. We’ll be visiting Temples and other places of interest for our spiritual journey. Every morning
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